Chimney Repairs & Other Work - Edinburgh

Fairmile Roofing are chimney repair and stone restoration specialists. We can also build or repair dormers, skylights and cupolas.

Your chimney has to withstand extremes of hot and cold, bearing the worst of the Scottish winter but also the very high temperatures from within as the flue pushes hot gases upwards, away from the house below. Cracking and repairs become inevitable, (you'll know because damp patches will start to appear on the internal walls - especially with older houses), but the quality of the resulting remedial workmanship – from brickwork to repointing – must be of the highest standard to prevent the problem occurring again.

If you're thinking of having a dormer built or needing a roof skylight or cupola replaced, Fairmile Roofing would like to offer you a free no obligation estimate to carry out the work.

For further information and advice please contact us.

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